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Stimulating the senses and imagination through colors, music and movement!

In the wonderful world of expression and play, Colors and music become magical tools for all children, including those with special needs. These elements give them a unique way to communicate, explore and develop your skills. Join our exclusive MUSE Projects program and discover how the appropriate use of colors and music can help your child Express oneself, develop skills and enjoy a journey full of fun and discovery.

3 quarterly workshops


  1. MUSE KIDS in Colors©

Our program combines MUSIC and PAINTING to help children develop their creativity and artistic skills., while learning and having fun. What's more, children will have the opportunity to experiment with different instruments and painting techniques, which will help them broaden their horizons and discover their true passions.



2. MUSE Move the Classicals©

Have fun with the classics! In creative music classes, We think it is very important to promote the connection between music and the movement. It is necessary to allow children to experiment with their bodies and discover their own language of body expression.. Each child has their own way of moving and expressing themselves through their body..

3. MUSE English: Sing and Learn©

ENGLISH through music for children from 3 years old who will learn basic grammar by singing songs and having fun. Using the digital screen with interactive games. Surrounded by musical instruments and learning music at the same time. When children learn English through music, they are not just learning new words and phrases, they are also improving their pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary in a fun and exciting way.

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