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11 Feb 2023
STING: my music brain

This is a documentary in Spanish from National Geographic that collects data from a scientific study made to a professional musician : Sting. It is a fascinating exploration of how music affects our brain and how some people, como Sting, they are specially gifted for music. If you are interested in the neuroscience of music, I definitely recommend watching this documentary.

The neuroscience of music is a rapidly growing field that seeks to understand how our brains process and respond to music.. Researchers have found that music impacts the brain on multiple levels., from auditory perception to emotional regulation and memory.

For example, music has been shown to activate areas in the brain linked to reward and pleasure, which may explain why we enjoy listening to music so much. What's more, music can act as a powerful catalyst for emotions, evoking memories and evoking emotional responses in us.

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