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02 Jan 2016
Radio in Spanish. Rne

Dear friends who live in the cloud of internet waves.

Welcome to the good vibes! The vibe of listening to what you like most from home or from your mobile (discharge APPs) while you're on the train, while you're at home bored… in Spanish!.

Wandering through the cloud I discovered “Don Quixote of the 21st century” where can we listen and download the work of our beloved Cervantes masterfully represented by a group of our best Spanish actors of the moment.

The magic of radio will create the stage that gives life to the Spain of the Golden age.

Do you want to present it in Spanish class for your students??

Here is the link to the original book Cervantes Institute library , within the Hispanic classics.

I invite you to take a look at the page Spanish radio television where you can see a lot of series

surely some already known to you.

Also interesting is the literature channel , where you can have contact with contemporary writers, listening to them in interviews and reading their works.

Happy traveling through the waves!

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