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It is a method that combines musical learning and the development of skills and innate talent in children of 3 a 12 years of age through piano learning.

In groups of solo 4 children receiving personalized attention from a professional with 25 years of experience in this matter.

It is also possible to admit students who speak English and German to the course..

An essential course if you want your children to learn music, to play the piano in a fun way and have a basic and complete musical culture that will allow them to excel in other psychomotor skills, communicative, emotional and cognitive skills such as math and learning new languages.

All classes are 1 once a week x 4 classes per month

GROUP CLASSES : 4 children of 60 minutes

INDIVIDUAL CLASSES: 30 – 45 –60 minutes

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All classes are 1 once a week x 4 classes per month

GROUP CLASSES : 4 – 10 children of 60 minutes

Es the group made up of children who stand out for their vocal qualities and decide to dedicate themselves fully to it.

-Technique, expression and vocal interpretation

-Musical language


-body consciousness

This activity is more than just singing together, It is an opportunity to create a sense of belonging and significance in your children.. By uniting their voices in one, your children will feel part of something bigger than themselves and will discover the freedom to express themselves through music.

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