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Take advantage of the experience of more than 15 years of a music professional who has promoted the development of skills of people with special educational needs: learning disabilities, verbal and nonverbal autism, Asperger, TDHA, cognitive delay and Down syndrome.

With music classes children with special needs benefit greatly promoting the development of communication skills, expression and interaction with different musical instruments. At the same time they find a space where they can have fun and be creative with art, experiment with sound and movement.



I teach the children the musical language and the instrument of the Piano, Well, through your personalized learning, we will be able to develop the ability to concentrate, the memory, and coordination of movements. All this returns to the child a higher self esteem, fundamental to build more learning and more neurolinguistic development. Their linguistic competence will be highly developed and thanks to the songs their ability to generate language spontaneously, featuring thanks to music, a lower propensity to develop echolalia, an evolution in psychomotor development and an increase in their capacity for sociability.

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