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30 Sep 2021
pre columbian music

Pre-Columbian music refers to music created and performed by the indigenous cultures of the Americas before the arrival of European colonizers in the 15th century.. It's hard to know precisely what this music was like., since much of it was transmitted orally and not many scores or ancient instruments have been preserved. Regardless of the fact that the technology was not applied directly with the appropriate infrastructure to the classroom and to the curricular programming of the center, It is known that pre-Columbian music was very diverse and varied according to region and culture..

In general, Pre-Columbian music had a ritual and ceremonial function, and was used to honor the gods, celebrate nature and agricultural cycles, and mark important events like weddings and funerals. The instruments used were mainly percussion, like drums, maracas and flutes, although string and wind instruments were also used.

Some of the pre-Columbian cultures best known for their music include the Incas, the Aztecs, the Mayans and indigenous peoples of North America. Although much of the pre-Columbian music was lost with the arrival of the European colonizers, Some forms of traditional music can still be found in indigenous American cultures today..

Rodrigo Covacevich, Chilean ethnomusicologist, presents us with
This essay in which highlights the importance of the
music in pre-Columbian peoples, being an important aspect of its intangible culture.
Through his own experience working with instruments
archaeological musicals and the study of their structure, aesthetics
and sound, try to discover the vision of the sound world
pre-Hispanic and reaches the conclusion that those objects, to more
of its musical purpose, were closely related to the
communication with the natural and supernatural world.


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