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Maria Fernandez

Music teacher with the specialty of Piano

My formation

I studied piano for eight years at the Conservatory of Music in Valencia. It was my teachers Mario Monreal and Carlos Apellániz. I also studied singing for four years and my teacher was Enedina Lloris. My philosophy studies at the University made me a critical person with a great interest in cultural anthropology. I studied several languages ​​at the Official School: italiano, english and german.

My musical training is primarily classical, but I opened myself to new perspectives with other contemporary dance courses, theater, jazz, world music and African dance and percussion.

My disruptive concept of musical pedagogy led me to investigate and train with courses on new pedagogies.

Taking on the challenge of teaching people with Down syndrome also made me interested in the field of music therapy.
In Berlin I managed to get certified by the Cervantes Institute to be a Spanish teacher.
Also there I was trained in Marketing and Cultural Management, to be able to create and obtain financing for projects that stimulate and produce a positive impact on our society.

My experience

I have always worked as a freelancer making collaborations with other companies (music schools, musical societies, private music academies, dance academies, nursery schools, schools and occupational centers for people with disabilities) acting as a Piano teacher, I sing, Musical language, Musical garden, director of children's choir and workshop.

In the year 2004 I designed the program "Musical Expression" where a new concept of musical teaching for children was already reflected from 1 year old for nursery schools. In the year 2005 with "Growing up with music" and "Family Music".

In the year 2006 I started with "Magic of Music" with which I taught groups of children to teach them to play the piano. In that same year I accepted the new challenge of teaching a child with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperativity Disorder), and others with Down's syndrome. Since then I have also worked with people with different disabilities and different types of autism spectrum disorder (TEA).

Since the year 2008 I dedicated myself to conducting educational workshops, and it was the sarc of the Valencia Provincial Council that included the workshops “Learn, Sing and Play ”to play and learn in English and“ A day at the Opera ”.

As an artist I have always devoted myself to singing like soprano professionally both as soloist and with choir and orchestra, with oratorio repertoire, baroque and operatic.
Jazz harmonies always captivated me and I have also sung ballads and bossa-nova.

In the year 2012 i decided to live in berlin, Germany, where I have lived for more than eight years and where I came into contact with the complex social fabric of a large European city, the reality of cultures very different from mine.

In the year 2013 I founded the project "Alhambra Spharad", Sephardic music project, where I sang as a soloist. With the support of the Department of Culture of the Spanish Embassy in Berlin.

In the year 2016 I worked with companies that were dedicated to social services for migrants and for people with disabilities developing a interdisciplinary project.

I lived intensely the process of integration in another culture and the difficulties that it entails. Learning a foreign language on site made me understand how important it is for social integration, so I also got to design projects for Spanish-speaking children in Berlin. “Spanish in Treble Clef” and “Move with the Classics”.

Upon my return to Spain in the 2021 I continue with my project "Muse Projects" with which my mission is to offer creative educational projects for our development using music and art as pedagogical instruments.


All of us are intrinsically musical beings. I just have to know how to reach the student from the point where he is, to offer you my knowledge and achieve your goals in the least time and effort possible. I facilitate learning.

I use music for students to get to know themselves, express themselves, feel that music sets you free.

Learning by discovery, action focused, where the student remains active, motivated critical and creative. Role of creativity, connected with a spiritual dimension. I understand that learning does not occur through the acquisition of knowledge of theoretical concepts, but through personal and group experience. I value the learning process as an end in itself.

I continuously evaluate and readjust, shaping new content adapted to the concerns expressed by the students.

For me, developing intercultural competencies and democratic values ​​from an interdisciplinary perspective are key..



What do they say about me?


La Sra. María Fernández worked in the area of ​​assistance for people with mental disabilities, physical and / or multiple. The area of ​​responsibility for its work with clients basically includes the following activities: group pedagogical musical offers, theater and dance and body expression. What's more, It is worth mentioning the following essential aspects of Ms.. Maria Fernandez: always has a very good disposition to work and an exemplary sense of duty. The results of your work are of excellent quality, especially their personal commitment should be emphasized. With his very good performance, has earned our absolute recognition in all respects. La Sra. María Fernández was always a welcome teacher due to her strong commitment and friendly nature. She was always very respectful and open-minded with her colleagues. She is also recognized by clients for her positive charisma and objective attitude.. With great diligence and interest, la Sra. María Fernández carried out the tasks assigned to her to our complete satisfaction.. We wish you continued success and all the best for the future..

Turkan Dogan

In the almost two years of its activity, la Sra. Fernández has given individual piano lessons for beginners, have taught children with limited cognitive abilities or learning difficulties and participated in early music education programs.

During the time he was working under the roof of the Global Music Academy, We got to know and appreciate Ms.. Fernández as a competent and fully empathetic and sensitive music pedagogue. Regardless of the age or talent of your students, she knew how to get children where they were in their development and motivate them for ever-increasing demands. Thanks to the empathetic way of working of Mrs.. Fernandez, the children quickly gained confidence in her and enjoyed constantly participating in the lessons. The parents involved were also very satisfied with Ms.. Fernandez.

In this context, la Sra. Fernández has decided, to our regret, end your teaching activity at the GMA by your own decision. We wish her all the best for her professional future and we are pleased to recommend her to other educational institutions with this letter..

Andreas Freudenberg
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