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for children of 1 a 3 years: groups of maximum 8 children forMUSIC GARDEN with own method.  Musical sessions where your children will discover that everything sounds like music!! Music literally moves us all, we are as old as we are. Our lives are marked by musical elements such as : Rhythm, dynamic, structure, timbre. Musical activities and games help develop emotional skills, motor, linguistics, social and spatial characteristics of the participants. Of course, music can also be simply to enjoy and relax. The experience of a musical activity not oriented towards interpretation even favors concentration, perception and sensitivity. Music connects and offers special communication opportunities. We will approach the Piano and learn the basics of musical language so that we can then continue the program of MUSE PIANO KIDS©. The Muse Projects music school offers nurseries with children the possibility of receiving classes in the morning in the rooms of the music school.   
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