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Photo: Dehnsen Amelinghausen. Wroblewski family Father makes house and street music with his children


A very important part of the school are the families of our students. Thanks to them, children have the possibility and support to begin their musical studies, trusting us to make it so.

That is why we also offer different activities in which you can participate and enjoy your time.

free with your children making music together.

1. Auditions in a living room with a grand piano.

Through our auditions in an intimate environment, Our students will present what they are learning in regular classes. Enjoy the sound of the grand piano while you become a spectator of emotional performances. You will be filled with pride when you see the progress in your children's learning.. A shared experience that will inspire parents and children alike.

2. Intensive course to instill the love of classical music at home.

In this course you will discover how to instill a love of classical music in your children's daily lives.. Learn to select meaningful pieces, to create musical moments at home and foster a lasting connection with the beauty of compositions that have endured over time.

3. Musical Fundamentals Course for parents

We want to empower you with the knowledge necessary to support your children in their musical learning.. Our course will provide you with basic notions about music theory, allowing you to guide your children in their musical practices and discoveries with confidence.

4. Musical Stories represented in family.

Embark on a unique adventure with your children through our musical stories. Through games, performances and music, We will transport families to magical worlds where narratives come to life through notes and chords.

Explore the beauty of classical music and create lasting family memories with our art activities designed to inspire, educate and connect.

Join us on this exciting journey!

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