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Explore the art of Piano and Singing: for adults passionate about music

1. Piano Lessons to enter the World of Keys

Discover the thrill of playing the piano and immerse yourself in the melodies you've admired for years. Our lessons are designed for adults who want to start their musical journey or improve their existing skills. From basics to advanced, we will guide you every step. Let yourself be guided by a professional in your learning, apps are useful, but not enough to learn.

2. Singing Course in group or individually.

Explore the possibilities of your voice through our singing course designed exclusively for adults. Whether you're just starting out or looking to hone your skills, We will give you the tools and techniques to free your voice and connect with music in a personal and meaningful way..

3. Exploring Repertoires: from classic to contemporary

Immerse yourself in a world of melodies and genres. From classic masterpieces to beloved contemporary songs, we will help you explore a diverse repertoire that suits your personal interests and tastes.

4. Creating Personal Interpretations: Music as Expression

As you master the techniques, we encourage you to find your unique voice in music. Learn to interpret pieces with your distinctive style and communicate emotions through each note and musical phrase.

5. Presentations and performances: share your talent with the world

We provide opportunities for adults to perform in a supportive and enriching environment. From small meetings to larger events, We encourage you to share your musical passion with other students.

Join us in this exciting musical chapter!!

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