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The Muse Projects Creative Classroom opens the registration period for the course 2024-2025.

Is there a place available for me?



Promote the bond with your children by enjoying quality educational time.

In small groups, in family.



Babies of 0 months to 3 years in small groups.

We motivate your baby for its integral development and growth.


There is no obstacle big enough not to overcome.

We are an inclusive school.


All our students show their talent, enjoying the experience of living the magic of the stage.
We celebrate diversity by promoting mutual learning


PIANO AND SINGING Courses from 3 years
song, motion, games, emotional expression and art, a lot of art.

Organisms, companies and educational centers that received our services

About us

MUSE projects was born in Berlin, Germany in the year 2020 and moved to Valencia, Spain in a year 2021. My name is Maria Fernandez and I am the creator of this project. As a piano teacher and singer with 25 years of international experience, I am specialized in musical education for children, primary school and people with special pedagogical needs. I advise artists and professionals. I am a Mindfulness instructor.

what we offer

MUSE Projects opened a space in the year 2022: Creative Music Classroom, where we develop an innovative concept of artistic classroom. The arts inspiring education. We provide a safe educational environment, respectful and attentive, having numerous resources, materials and technology for the training and educational leisure of children and their families. It's a inclusive class, where we celebrate diversity with creativity, sensitivity and emotional education from babies to older people 60+.


The UN in the year 2015 adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) “of people, by the people and for the people”, prepared with the active participation of UNESCO. OfAt MUSE projects we are committed to this development, guaranteeing an education inclusive, equitable and quality, offering learning opportunities during all stages of life. Adoping these 3 of the 17 goals: Health & Wellness, quality education and the reduction of inequalities.


What do our clients think about our services??



Ellina Kollegova
Ellina Kollegova
Started learning playing piano with Maria from scratch and very happy with the results! The lessons are easy to follow, all explanations are clear. Very efficient and enjoyable learning experience.
Jose Rosas
Jose Rosas
A very nice musical experience. Maria always has a lot of patience and desire to share her music with us..
amparo betes
amparo betes
It was my “Pending Subject” and I'm making sure that it isn't. And all thanks to MARIA and “MUSE PROJECTS, for your dedication, knowledge, delivery, patience and love for your work. And it is not just a “packaged subject” it is much more. A personal improvement in every way: Continue learning with ILLUSION, you notice that your brain works, your hands move more easily. In one word, everything is easier for you when you practice the piano
Javier Martínez Martínez
Javier Martínez Martínez
My two one-year-old babies are delighted to go to their music class, They are very active and have a lot of fun, It also stimulates them. Maria is very kind, he has a lot of experience, And that shows, He connected very well with my daughters and has a very good hand with children., plus a large dose of patience. The atmosphere is very cozy and warm. They discover the most diverse instruments, we learn and sing songs with them ,who later recognize, and they are useful to us, for example, at bath time., they are recognizing the notes, but above all the girls look happy. María lets them experiment with the instruments and adapts the class activities to the mood of my daughters. It is incredible to see how the girls evolve and how our bond is fostered.. The class flies by. Thanks Maria!!
Carla Gopar
Carla Gopar
María has classes for different levels, We have gone with our baby who is now six months old. Very family atmosphere, They are classes that are very good for their development.
Marta gmm
Marta gmm
Muse workshops have magic, It is an enriching experience for children, they play instruments, they draw, they dance, they listen to very nice music. María has good ideas for them, a very cool atmosphere is created.
Maje24h Maje24h
Maje24h Maje24h
Maria is amazing, He has a brutal connection with children, I am amazed by the way you work, My son leaves class delighted and wanting more. (for him it wouldn't be) ...I wish there were many more teachers with that charisma, that humane treatment and that wonderful gift that Mary has. For us a lifeline with a child (TDAH-EVERYTHING) THANK YOU MARIA YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!!
Jose Angel Martinez Gomez
Jose Angel Martinez Gomez
A charming person and very professional! The little one goes to class very happy and leaves very happy
Maribel Ros
Maribel Ros
We have two music classes at school and we are really enjoying it. See my son enjoy, notice, to participate, smile,...it's a joy. It's tiny, 9 months, but it is interesting to see how enthusiastic he is. We will repeat!
David Penarrocha
David Penarrocha
My children of 2 and 4 years they have been going to music classes with María for a year. She is a very professional teacher and very patient with the children.. Little by little they have been won over and the evolution is spectacular.
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